Via ontvang ik elke dag een bericht van het Universum. Ze zijn kort, bijzonder en gepersonaliseerd. Bijna altijd raken ze me. Deze kwam vandaag in mijn mailbox binnen.

‘Have you ever wondered, lisa, why most people have less trouble with walking and not falling down, talking and making perfect sense, and breathing without stop, than they do with dieting, finding love, or getting rich?

Of course not, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It’s because with walking, talking, and breathing (which, incidentally, are infinitely more complex than the latter), they engage the magic with intent and expectation, twitch a few general muscles to get things started, and then, with faith, they turn the rest over to me.

In the second group, they try to do it all themselves.

I rock like that,
The Universe’

Thank you Universe, for inspire me. LOVE, Lisa